The Vox Pop Velociped

I have been developing a way of gathering audience feedback from outdoor events which is a bit more fun than the usual questionnaire. The Vox Pop Velociped is a mobile interview platform designed for short punchy interviews with audience members. The customised tricycle can pedal around capturing images of the event in the background whilst doing short ‘vox pop’ interviews.

There is a bit more work to do on the look of it, and this video was filmed on an iPhone whereas I will be using much better quality equipment – the camera angle will be higher with a wider angle and the microphone will be windproofed – but it will all be ready for this summer’s season.

The Vox Pop Velociped can be used in tandem with a rhythmanalysis of the event or on its own and the interview questions can be modified to suit requirements. The best comments can be uploaded to social media on the day and an edited version will be provided after the event.

If you fancy I can even make you your own one (at a reasonable price).