How would a Rhythmanalysis work and what is it for?

Several people have been asking for more details on precisely what commissioning a Rhythmanalysis is for, what it would entail and what they would get at the end. There are a variety of possibilities and I have tried to sum them up in the diagram below. (Or here if that’s too small to read)

At the moment I am treating each one as ‘bespoke’ but I will endeavour to create a few ‘off-the-peg’ packages as well  for the more common models – eg a single show; one day and two day festivals.

Price is the other big question – I have a full cost recovery pricing scale worked out (which is partly subsidised by my PhD) but I am investigating other sources of funding to try and bring it down.

Rhythmanalysis Practice - What happens in a rhythmanalysis

Rhythanalysis: Mapping the Process

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